June 11 - 14


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Balloons ARE back!

The balloons are back in the sky! After a long break due to winter and quarantine, Vilnius is ready to color the sky with the hot air balloons again. Often dubbed balloon capital, the city will host probably the first international championship worldwide in 2020. While most of the national and international competition were cancelled or postponed, Lithuanian ballonists are ready to boost up their fighting spirit and inflate the balloons not only for sightseeing from above but also for competing!

On June 11-14, Lithuanian capital hosts Vilnius open hot air balloon championship. More than 20 pilots from Lithuania and Latvia will compete. Weather permitting, they will take of five times – just after the sunrise and before the sunset. Almost 15 other pilots will participate in fiesta, in other words, they will fly without a goal to win.

Vilnius showed the whole world how to open a huge outdoor cafe even during the quarantine, now it’s time to reach the sky! Soft landings for everyone!


THURSDAY - June 11th

  • 18:00 – General briefing @ Vingio parko Estrada
  • 19:00 – Grand Opening. Sport part briefing
  • 20:00 – 22:00 Evening flight

FRIDAY- June 12th

  • 04:30 – Morning briefing @ Vingio parko Estrada
  • 05:00 – 08:00 Morning flight
  • 18:30 – Evening briefing @ Vingio parko Estrada
  • 20:00 – 22:00 Evening flight

SATURDAY - June 13th

  • 04:30 – Morning briefing @ Vingio parko Estrada
  • 05:00 – 08:00 Morning flight
  • 18:30 – Evening briefing @ Vingio parko Estrada
  • 20:00 – 22:00 Evening flight

SUNDAY- June 14th

  • 05:00 – 08:00 Reserved morning flight
  • 13:00 Closing ceremony and award of Winners @ Leičių Bravore (Didžioji g. 18)

Event participants


1Tadas GegevičiusLY - OEU
2Renata Narbutė LY – OEK/LY – BDY
3Vytas Kerdokas LY – OES
4Laurynas KomžaLY – OEQ
5Kęstutis PetronisLY – OCN
6Gintautas Mockaitis LY - ODL
7Martynas LyčiusLY – CIA
8Justinas ČižiusLY – OGF
9Inga ŪleYL - 024
10Žydrūnas KazlauskasLY - AWW
11Vytautas JunevičiusLY – OCK
12Danielius KomžaLY - BES
13Saulius JezepčikasLY - OAE
14Dovydas Vaitkevičius OK – 1346/OK - 1356
15Adam MikelevicLY – BDZ
16Lukas MikelevicLY – BDB
17Vytautas SviderskisLY - MBU
18Giedrius VaitulevičiusLY – OCQ
19Marek DravnelLY – BDR
20Rokas KostiuskeviciusLY – RRV
21Rimas Kostiuskevicius LY – BTB/LY – OMS
22Julija RomanovskajaLY - OCD
23Vytautas RudžianskasLY - OPA


24Marius NaujalisLY-OFL
25Tomas KatinasLY-OFB
26Dainius BalčiusLY-STA
27Tomas VarkalisLY- NED
28Giedrius LeškevičiusLY- LUX
29Romanas MikelevičiusLY - OEP
30Maciej MikelevicLY - ODQ
31Vytautas Samarinas LY – ORE/ LY - BER
32Alfredas Reikertas LY – BDP/ LY - RHL
33Tomas Olevsonas LY - BLN
34Albertas KerdokasLY - OFK
35Mindaugas JuozauskasLY - OGA
36Alfredas Vauras LY - OAM
37Arnis GegevičiusLY - VNO
38Valdas Daukševičius LY - ODL


It not would happen without all of you!


Robertas Komža

Director of sport

Julius Venskus

Scoring manager

Jolanta Šuopytė

Scoring team

Audra Rukšaitė

Scoring team

Lina Zajančkauskienė

Scoring team

Jolanta Malakauskienė

Scoring team

Valdas Dienas

Scoring team

Simonas Jakubauskas

Scoring team

Giedrė Katinienė

Scoring team

Aušra Venskienė

Scoring team

Emilė Andriuškevičiūtė

Scoring team

Gytė Andriuškevičiūtė

Scoring team

Viktorija Juozienėnė

Official photographer

Mantas Juozėnas


Mindaugas Juozauskas

Distance runners

Andrius Čabanas

Distance runners

Eglė Zicari

Media coordinator

Arnis Gegevičius

Profile of the event

Mykolas Grybovas

Competition psychologist

Vilnius Hot Air Balloons 2020, Lithuania

Vilnius is still standing as the hot air balloon capital of Europe!

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